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Health Tourism

YAA031000049.jpgIn addition to the special climate of the Sopron Hills, the region has an unusually large amount of thermal springs. The Lőverek area of Sopron is officially recognized as a health resort area because of its special climate. The state run sanatorium in Sopron uses the latest medicine and scientific knowledge to treat heart and circulatory diseases, neurological disorders and illnesses. An entire spa complex has been built around the internationally famous hot springs at Balf with a complete selection of services. There are also thermal springs in Hegykő and Petőháza. The thermal springs in Hegykő are known for their healing qualities. They bring water up from a depth of 1,434 meters and it reaches the surface at 56°C. The thermal water in Petőháza comes from a depth of 1348 meters, and is 45°C. The thermal waters of our spas are primarily used for the treatment of locomotor diseases.