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Gastronomy of Nations
Il Grande Restaurant - mediterrano@mediterrano.hu
33 Lackner K.St 99/508-300 Authentic Italian cooking, casual elegance, and a unique atmosphere.
Papa Joe Saloon and Steakhouse - papajoe@papajoe.hu 108 Várkerület 99/340-933 A bit of the Wild West, meat from the charcoal grill, 100 varieties of whisky.
Toscana Restaurant - mediterrano@mediterrano.hu
33 Lackner K.St 99/508-300 The biggest restaurant in the Mediterrano-Complex, with the atmosphere of an inn in the Italian countyside.
Pizzerias, fast food restaurants
Alcatraz Fast Food Restaurant 3 Mátyás király St 99/328-078 Hamburger specialities, pizzas, salads.
Bella Italia 1-3 Móricz Zs.St 99/319-610 11:30-22:30 Pizzas, dishes from the pan, home delivery service.
Corvinus Pizzeria - info@generalis.hu
8 Fő Sq 99/505-035 11:00-22:00 International, Hungarian and Sopron specialities, with a sunny terrace.
Fortuna Pizzeria 34 Mátyás király St 99/320-063 11:00-22:00 Salads, pizzas, Italian cuisine, home delivery service.
Fórum Pizzeria - forumpizzeria@t-online.hu
3 Szt. György St 99/340-231 Pizzas from a wood fired oven, Italian and Mexican dishes, home delivery service.
Ínyenc Snack Bar 4-8 Árpád St 30/68-38-086 9:00-17:30 Hamburgers in baguettes (only here) with a lot of vegetables.
McDonald’s - 0027@hu.mcd.com
60 Lackner K.St 30/689-70-32 0:00-24:00 Fast food resaturant chain .
Prima Vita Pizzeria - info@primavita.hu
58 Ferenczy J. St 99/311-343 Italian pasta dishes, dishes from the pan, pizzas, home delivery service.
Rókalyuk Pizzeria - info@rokalyuk.hu
112 Várkerület 99/342-900

kitchen: 11:00-23:00

Assortment of draught beer, lunch menu from Monday to Friday, new offers every month, home delivery service.
Schnitzel Bar 45 Höflányi St 99/33-11-22 M-Th-V:10-23
F-Sa: 10-02
Hamburgers with breaded fried meat, salads, online ordering.
Sopron Plaza Snack Bars 35 Lackner K.St 99/512-310 Cook-shop, Thai and Chinese fast food restaurants.
Merry Neighbours 4 Erzsébet St 20/241-5059 Gyros, tortillas, hamburgers, salads, giant potatoes, home delivery service .
Grill Restaurants
Bercsényi Wine Bar and Grill Restaurant - kocsis.miklos@upcmail.hu
21 Bercsényi St 99/788-007 A large assortment of grill dishes, daily menus.
Sellő Grill Restaurant 19 Lánzséri St 99/321-863 Grilled dishes over an open fire.
The Old Times Steakhouse - oldtimes@freemail.hu
35 Lackner K.St 99/340-311 M-S:9.00-20.00 Ambience from the 19th century, carefully chosen wines, a huge assortment of drinks, and home cooking.
Várkerület Pub - info@puskasrestaurant.hu
83 Várkerület 99/319-286 9-23.00 Grill specialities, Hungarian cuisine, crispy grilled shank of pork.
Hotel Restaurants
BW. Pannónia Med Hotel Restaurant - info@online-etterem.hu
75 Várkerület 99/312-180 7:00-22:00 Classical ambience, with a cuisine to match, with artistically prepared dishes.
Hotel Fagus Restaurantinfo@hotelfagus.hu
3 Ojtózi Alley 99/515-000 The best regional Hungarian cooking and international dishes, characteristic wines of the Hungarian wine regions.
Hotel Lővér Restaurant - lover.reservation@danubiushotels.com
4 Várisi Rd 99/888-400 In scenic surroundings in the Lőver area with sophisticated Hungarian and international dishes.
Hotel Sopron Restaurant - info@hotelsopron.hu 7 Fövényverem St 99/512-261 7:00-23:00 The renowned first-class restaurant of our hotel provides an abundant buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner in a pleasant ambience.
Hunguest Hotel Szieszta Restaurant - reserve@hotelszieszta.hu
37 Lővér Blvd 99/314-260 Perfect service for all requirements from dining with a circle of friends to planning a big event.
Hotel Wollner Restaurant - wollner@wollner.hu
20 Templom St 99/524-400 10:00-22:00 A cosy downtown restaurant with an outdoor garden for dining and a wine cellar.
Solar Club Hotel Restaurant - info@solarclubhotel.hu
12 Honvéd St 99/311-675 S-W: 8:30-20.00
Th-SA: 8.30-21.00
Rosengarten Restaurant & Hotel - reservation@rosengarten.hu
64 Lackner K.St 99/513-613 M-Th: 11:00-23:00
F-SA: 11:00-02:00,
S: 17:00-23:00
A rustic atmosphere, with a rich gastronomic offering.
Arcus Rest Area Bécsi Highway 99/334-399 Near the Austrian border, loved by tourists who travel by car.
Aranyfácán Restaurant - vendeglo@aranyfacan.hu 23 Brecht u. St 99/349-292 11:00-20:00 Sopron's first private restaurant in the Lőver area with exceptional offerings.
Attila Restaurant - mayika@vipmail.hu
9-11 Színház St 99/311-729 9:00-22:00 A coffee house and restaurant in Renaissance style, Hungarian and international dishes, easy accessibility.
Bacchus Restaurant - szefi@mailmax.hu 15 Szt. György St 99/340-017 Near the historical city wall, calm with a family atmosphere.
Bástya Guesthouse and Restaurant - info@bastya-panzio.ehc.hu
40 Patak St 99/325-325
Chen's Cooking 1 Határdomb St Alphapark 99/505-337 H - V: 11.30 - 22 Chinese and Japanese cuisine, buffet lunch and dinner with unlimited consumption.
Café Zanza - info@zanzacafe.hu
3 Gyár St 99/33-44-44 International dishes, 2 daily menus, coffee specialities, tea, cocktails, party time from Wednesday to Saturday.
Columbus Restaurant 1 Várisi Rd 99/329-070 Fish specialities from salt and fresh water, and excellent traditional cooking.
Corso Restaurant - corsoetterem@chello.hu
73 Várkerület 99/340-990 20/9754-663 M-W:11.00-22:00;
A culinary trip every day.
Atmosphere of the first few years of the last century. Every evening and every Sunday our dishes at half price.
Diána Guesthouse and Restaurant - info@dianapanziosopron.hu
64 Lővér Blvd 99/329-013 8:00-22:00 A rich selection of specialities, baked goods and cakes prepared on the premises.
Erhardt Restaurant and Wine Cellar - erhardt@borvendeglo.hu
10 Balfi Rd 99/506-711 M-TH:11:30-23:00, F-SA:11:30-24:00, V:11:30-22:00 A cosy restaurant and wine cellar with original Sopron Ponzichter dishes, and a pleasant garden for dining.
Fehér Rózsa Restaurant - info@feherrozsa.hu
21 Pócsi St 99/335-270 11-23.00 Family style cooking, good prices, a pleasant outdoor garden for dining, and live music on Thursdays and Fridays.
Ferenczi Guesthouse and Restaurant - ferenczipansio@freemail.hu
112 Ady E. St 99/336-043 Baked dish specialities to preorder and for home delivery.
Fogas Restaurant - dezsoke72@hotmail.com
2-4 Előkapu 99/505-959 The restaurant has the greatest assortment of fresh water fish in Sopron.
Füzi Guesthouse and Restaurant - fuzipanzio@gmail.com
10 Deákkúti St 99/340-434 T-Sa 18:00-22:00
S 11:00-15:00
Hungarian, home style cooking, and other specialities at moderate prices.
Generális-Corvinus Restaurant - info@generalis.hu
7-8 Fő Sq 99/505-035 International, Hungarian and Sopron cuisine, a sunny terrace.
Gibraltár Restaurant - info@gibraltarvendeghaz.hu
35 Bercsényi M. St 20/939-4340 99/788-252 International and Hungarian dishes, special offers.
Gráben Restaurant - graben@freemail.hu
8 Várkerület 99/340-256 8.00-22 Conveniently located at the town centre with a wide variety of dishes.
Faház Eating House 1-3 Felsőbüki Nagy P. St 99/329-357 T-SA:11-23.00
S: 11-17.00
Pizzas, dishes from the pan, daily menus, live music on Saturdays.
Fekete Bárány Resaturant and Guesthouse - fekete.barany@freemail.hu
6 Fövényverem St 99/338-330 20/531-9212 11-22.00 Hungarian regional cuisine.
Jégverem Inn, the Resaturant for Hearty Eaters - jegverem@jegverem.hu 1 Jégverem Rd 99/510-113 Hungarian home style cooking, portions for hearty eaters.
Kiskakukk Eatery 52 Lővér Bvld 99/329-011 A retro restaurant with the atmosphere of the 1970s in the Lőver area.
Juventus Restaurant - juve@daisk.t-online.hu
14 Füredi Walk 99/311-190 A teaching restaurant with reasonable prices, daily menus.
Kazamata Restaurant and Wine Bar - info@kazamata-panzio.hu
1/a Győri Rd 99/525-525 Eating at prices you can easily afford.
Kis Pócsi Wine Bar and Eatery 20 Pócsi St 99/326-867 20/995-7499 Two minutes from the inner city, Hungarian and home style dishes and wines from the region at friendly prices.
Kisdeák Pub and Restaurant 46 Deák Sq 30/2757-273 Bier specialities, family style cooking, and 10% discount for students and pensioners.
Levanda Restaurant and Guesthouse - info@levanda.hu
60 Fő St. Kópháza 99/357-155 Croatian specialities, in summer a roofed terrace.
Lila Tehén - liptaka@t-email.hu
Győri Highway 20/9581-663 A restaurant for travellers with a family atmosphere, Hungarian home style cooking at reasonable prices.
Magna- Patria Nimród Hunting Restaurant - magnapatria@t-online.hu 10 Köműves Close 99/325-400 Wild game dishes, grilled dishes, and Transylvanian dishes.
Moha Forest Inn - info@moha-muck.hu
Sopron-Muck Lővérek 99/319-015, 20/429-0095 T-S:11:00-21:00 Excellent cuisine and a friendly service.
Grandma's Kitchen - info@nagymamaettermek.hu
104 Várkerület 20/315-87-30 M.-SA.: 10:00-21:00, S.: 12:00-21:00 Self-service restaurant and giant pancakes.
Grandma's Kitchen - info@nagymamaettermek.hu
1 Verő j.St (Incubator House) 20/934-6045 M-F.: 9:00-20:30, SA.: 11:00-20:30, V.: 12:00-20:30 Self-service restaurant and giant pancakes.
Grandma's Pancake Restaurant - info@nagymamaettermek.hu
32 Ferenczy J. St 70/420-41-41 M-SA.: 10:00-20:00, S.: 14:00-20:00 More than 80 varieties of sweet, salty, breaded fried and layered normal size pancakes, home delivery service.
Old Boys Restaurant - info@oldboyssopron.hu
1 Gyár St 99/333-355 Irish pub with international cuisine and a wide assortment of dishes.
Perkovátz House - info@perkovatz.hu
12 Széchenyi Sq 99/316-839 Anglo-Saxon, Victorian furnishings, original British beer on tap.
Pince Tavern 5 Széchenyi Sq 99/319-023 Generous portions with good prices, real Hungarian cuisine, daily menus.
Rókalyuk Pub and Restaurant - info@rokalyuk.hu
112 Várkerület 99/342-900 Assortment of draught beer, lunch menu from Monday to Friday, new offers every month, home delivery service.
Sas Restaurant and Guesthouse 69 Lővér Blvd 99/316-183 Located in the exclusive Lőver area with wonderful surroundings.
Schmauser Restaurant - schmauser@schmauser.hu
49 Kossuth St 99/789-427 Hungarian and international cooking and their own creations.
Selmeci Restaurant 23 Selmeci Rd 99/334-656 Home style Hungarian cooking.
Spago Restaurant - mediterrano@mediterrano.hu
33 Lackner Kristóf St 99/555-833 Delicate soups, Italian pasta specialities, light single pot dishes, fresh salads and desserts.
Szélmalom Restaurant - info@szelmalom-etterem.hu
2 Fraknói St 99/311-023 Pleasant atmosphere and home style specialities.
Szénatér Restaurant 2 Győri St. 99/349-281 Budget priced, family style cooking, games.
Taverna Restaurant - postmaster@tavernapanzio.t-online.hu
15 Táncsics St 99/311-620 Affordable dining, home cooking, with dancing and music for social events.
Tercia Hubertus Restaurant - hubertus@terciarestaurant.hu
Bécsi Hill 99/513-070 In the forest with paths for strolling, Hungarian cuisine.
Tercia Elegant Restaurant - elegant@terciarestaurant.hu
34 Soproni St, Kópháza 99/531-200 Hungarian cooking, a large selection of dishes, and beer on tap.
Vadászkürt Restaurant - info@vadaszkurt.hu
6 Udvarnoki St 99/314-385 A rich selection of fish, goose and wild game dishes, prepared by the Master chef himself.
Várkerület Restaurant - info@puskasrestaurant.hu
83 Várkerület 99/319-286 A homey atmosphere, home style cooking, with crispy grilled shank of pork.
Vincellér-House - vincellervendeglo@chello.hu
121 Balfi St 99/325-588 30/97-68-353 Home style cooking, their own wines, tripe on Wednesdays, fish soup on Thursdays, live music on Fridays and Saturdays.
Zwack Unicum Restaurant - alsolover2004kft@t-online.hu
3 Alsólővér St 99/312-364 Family style cooking.