The green Sopron

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Sopron and its natural environment of the Sopron Hills, the valley of the Rák Brook, the Balf Hills and Lake Fertő create a unique and harmonious landscape.

Creeks, gentle slopes, marked hiking routes, friendly picnic areas, more than forty springs, twenty brooks, seven lakes, five lookout towers, and thousand other surprises await the nature-lovers who seek relaxation. Sopron’s pleasant subalpine climate is famous for its health giving quality, and has a beneficial effect on guests and patients in need of regeneration. The beauty of forest fruits, mushrooms and flowers, combined with the characteristic sounds of the woods provide a permanent source of delight.

The curative and refreshing air of the natural environment, the hiking routes of the wooded hillsides, the view towers, the mountain springs, and the proximity of Lake Fertő make Sopron one of the most beautiful and most pleasant holiday resorts of Hungary. The Lőverek, the hilly area south of the city, is the most fascinating and most distinguished area of the city. It offers calm forests with spruces, oaks and chestnuts, lilies of the valley and cyclamens, hiking paths and lookout towers.


2008. július 25. / Introduction of the city