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Civitas Fidelissima

Referendum in Sopron in 1921


The Fountain of Faith

The three bronze figures of the Fountain of Faith represent the most outstanding events in the history of Sopron. The foundation of the city in 1277 and the referendum of 1921 are symbolized by two male figures, whereas a woman stands for the opening of the borders in 1989.


Fountain figures:

1277. Judge István
The first known judge of Sopron was also the first to express his loyalty to the Hungarian crown.

In 1273 Ottokár, King of Bohemia and Prince of Austria, attacked the town of Sopron. The town paid dearly for its faithfulness: the children of the magistrates of the town were craftily kidnapped and, because the town did not surrender, killed. In 1277 King László IV bestowed on Sopron a royal city charter, in recognition of its loyalty to the Crown.

1921. Mayor Mihály Thurner
Mihány Sopronyi Thurner held the office of Mayor between 1918 and 1941, so he rendered great services during the preparations for the referendum. He stated his goals very distinctly from the moment of his inauguration: "I am led in my office exclusively by the interests of my city and by justice. I shall respect all religious and political convictions." As a sign of his respect and love for the city, he took up the middle name 'Sopronyi' at the beginning of the 1930s.

1989 - A woman symbolizing liberty
The woman is holding a piece of the iron curtain in her hand, in memory of the opening of the border in 1989.

Commemoration of the Pan-European Picnic
On August 19th every year, the meeting of European nations takes place in Sopronpuszta, at the scene of the border opening in 1989. The events of the time and the Government decision of September 10th to open the border brought about the collapse of the Berlin Wall and the reunification of Germany. The event popularizes the idea of a common Europe without frontiers. On special anniversaries, the celebration is closed with a concert in the Cave Theatre of Fertőrákos. The metal sculpture by Gabriela von Habsburg in the stone quarry symbolizes the 'iron curtain'. It draws visitors’ attention to the importance of this historic event like an exclamation mark.