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Tourinform Sopron

Franz Liszt Culture and Conference Centre - Tourinform Sopron
9400 Sopron, Liszt Ferenc u. 1.

Tel.: +36 (99) 517-560 Tel/fax: +36 (99) 517-527

e-mail: Tourinform Sopron

The geographical location of Sopron and its surroundings has a special significance for the city. The office of Tourinform is in one of the most outstanding public buildings of the city, the Franz Liszt Culture and Conference Centre. Since its interior and exterior renovation, it has become an important site for cultural events in the city and the region.

The Tourinform office in Sopron is a professional subsidiary of the Pro Kultúra Sopron Nonprofit Ltd.

It works as a non-profit institution providing complete tourist offerings of the city and region and serves as an information centre for everyone.

The Tourinform office in Sopron has formed an information network with the other tourist information offices of Hungarian Tourism Ltd., and provides information to Hungarian and foreign tourists about all the tourism opportunities throughout Hungary.


The Pro Kultúra Sopron Nonprofit Ltd. works with the Tourinform office to provide comprehensive and free brochures, supporting the marketing of tourism of the city and region. The brochures are displayed in the Tourinform office and are free for the taking.

The Tourinform office is located in one of the most popular areas of the city, in the Franz Liszt Culture und Conference Centre, so it is easy for tourists to find it if they are out for a stroll.

The office not only serves visitors to our area, but offers local residents suggestions for planning their recreation and travel throughout Hungary.

The Office is ready to serve all local businesses connected with tourism who would like to use its services.

We look forward to your visit!